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    ~ Ferfe LaBat aka Cindy Cruciger

    Origins of the nick name Ferfe LaBat which I have used for decades …
    From an article written for Rolling Stone Magazine by Michael O’Donoghue aka Mr. Mike of SNL fame. He spoofed Sally Struthers charity calls with one of his own for a house of prostitution in Paris in a Rolling Stone article. His poster girl for the sexually deprived was Ferfe LaBat. There are very few writers that I consider geniuses of dark humor and beautiful despair, Mr. Mike was one. Christopher Hitchens is another. Hunter S. Thompson was the master. Mr. Mike died in 1994.

    Ferfe is in memory of him.

    Bill Murray’s eulogy of O’Donoghue: “He hated the horrible things in life, and the horrible people in life. And he hated them so good.”

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