Sorry for the posting gaps …

shower kissI’m busy learning new computer languages and stuff.

Also? My husband retired.

After 26 years as a Federal Agent and Pilot for the U.S. Government this retirement is well deserved, I must say. But the adjustment to civilian life is progressing about the way one might expect. His first order of business was to question the way I’ve been boiling water for my tea all these decades. I guess he never noticed.

D: Are you really going to use that burner (the back left burner that I’ve been using since I was old enough to make tea for myself).
Me: Yes. I always use that burner. Is there a better burner?
D: Well. There are three others you could use.
Me: Are they any better than this one?
D: They’re just different.
Me: So I’ll just stick with this one then.
D: Alright. If that’s the way you want to go …

And then he objected to how I cut a lemon for the tea and the fight is on for dominion over the lemons in the house.

It’s true I could spend these hours writing, but the retirement transition is so fascinating I hate to miss even a second of it.

I never loaned D’s brain out to my romance writing friends who write about hot Federal Agents who rescue fair maidens in distress, not because D wouldn’t gladly give them the interviews and inside knowledge of the reality of the job, but because D WOULD give them the inside view and reality of the job and it would ruin the fantasies of millions of romance addicts.

But he’s settling down and finding other ways to occupy his time and I am opening the WIP back up and writing. Current music is everything by Apocalyptica.

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