No ginned up or manufactured hate here


Badness has seasons. The earth turns and every evil under the sun awaits its turn. Like wars wait for winter to pass, voodoo ceremonies that matter and actually result in substantial happenings, happen in Spring. On any given night in Haiti there’s a voodoo ceremony happening somewhere, but tourists don’t get invited to the Spring ceremonies for a reason. ~ Tara Cole

Watching the news lately prompted me to revisit the matrix of hate I drew up when I was outlining this book because there is no cross-section for the fake, angsty, indulgent hate I’m seeing on the news. I debated the pros and cons of adding that element and decided against it. This particular novel is not targeted to wallow inside our national psychosis, whipped up in half formed, meaningless concepts devised by news organizations and politicians to garner donations and sell advertising. My goal is entertainment. I want the reader to recognize the triggers and conditions that set them off and revel in the feelings, safely through fiction.

I’ll let the reporters and politicians make you feel like dirt.

When Tara dons all the raiment of hate I hope the reader revels in it rather than recoil.

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