Quote from Work In Progress

“If you are detained in the upper Keys for being drunk off your ass in public and you are male (relatively speaking), there is a huge room at the local jail in Islamorada with a table in the middle and bunk beds around the perimeter and exposed toilets and a sink. It’s a typical cage, in other words. If you are female, again I generalize; the Monroe County Sheriff’s office stores you in a solitary cell. The cell is mint green, cold as hell and there is a window looking out into an area where a guard sits with a computer, his or her back to the window, where they play violent, YouTube videos all night. I was watching, too, but only because the clock on the computer is the only clock visible and I am suddenly hyper-aware of time passing.” ~ Tara Cole, Hate.dat (fall 2013)

Still editing and re-editing that sequence.

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