Working on updating Author website

But first, a brief historical note:

Two years ago today, at four am, my daughter, son, husband and I, were racing down the streets of Miami heading to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Two years ago today at seven pm I was coming around from the anesthesia after surgery, to see my mother and sister, who told me that Dave was still in surgery and probably would be for several more hours. Two years ago today, one of our very best friends in the world, sat and waited on HIS best friend Dave, with my son and daughter in the waiting area of Jackson as fire alarms went off, and no one evacuated because Dave was still in surgery and I wasn’t going anywhere. Two years ago today, Dave got one of my kidneys and two years after that, today, he is doing great aside from an odd desire to go shopping with me that he never had before.

Happy Two year kidney swap anniversary, Dave.

One of those things you just want to make sure you remember at least once a year ;-)

Today we were going to go boat camping but the winds are too strong so we’re postponing it. Thus? I installed Front Page 2003 on my laptop and decided to tackle the author website that I haven’t touched since 2007, the year I found out Dave’s kidney’s had failed and the year I stopped writing and doing web work for fun.

This is life.

I am dusting off the websites, learning new languages (computer and human), creating more websites, and writing at nights and on weekends.

Back to FrontPage, though.

Just for some perspective, Microsoft doesn’t sell FrontPage any more and they don’t support it. I debated converting that website to some other language but I still kind of like FrontPage so for now I am just tweaking it with the new book and I’ll put the third book up as well.

I released Revenge Gifts on Nook and Envy.exe will be available on Nook tomorrow.

The problem with is, the Java Applet that simulates water is just fun as hell to mouse around with, so I wasted at least an hour swishing the header and the fish tank and got very little programming done.

It’s not like a professional author site with press kits and promos and stuff. I probably should take writing and the business of writing more seriously, but … well I take the writing seriously, but the business side? No. Someday, perhaps.

The Romantic Times Convention is this week and I really wish I could have gone this year. It’s a blast. Next year it is in New Orleans and I am definitely going.

Good times.

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