Enemies …Everyone has a few

I’ve got one or two … possibly three. I used to call them “the Four Horsemen”. I used to think that, eventually, they would get tired of being squids and grow up, get a life and quit torturing writers and fans … but it’s endless. Sad way to waste a life but it’s their life to waste, I guess.

Great material for writing, though, I must say.

Hate.Dat is coming along in fits and starts as I learn Creole and research the island of Haiti. Even though the majority of the story takes place in the Florida Keys, I want to make Haiti as vibrant and four dimensional as humanly possible. I don’t want to make a characiture of the place. Just like the Keys it is a character in and of itself in the novel. Like the Florida Keys it is alluring and repellent in ways that only the human imagination can reconcile into a destination of desire. Our politicians have done Haiti such a huge disservice. I don’t want to compound that damage.

Not to mention the fact that Darius, once you get to really know him, is actually pretty cool.

Darius has enemies, though. He has enemies that make mine look like new born kittens. Fun writing.

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