Howard Payne’s Company Comes to life

When I started writing Revenge Gifts I checked the domain and it was available. I thought it was the height of arrogance to buy it on the remote chance that the book might get a publisher and by the time I DID get a publisher the domain had been taken. I did not take the same chances with the URL I gave to Howard Payne’s Investment company. I bought it and parked it.

Forgot about it, actually.

I am a little weird for a computer god in that I get bored easily and like to pick up new languages. There is a job I want that requires ColdFusion. I am currently employed, but as I said, not working out. The ColdFusion job actually pays less but there are more important things than money. I can’t believe I am saying that, but I have learned this to be true as hell.

I thought, why the hell not? Why not see if I even like ColdFusion. I found a web host that handles ColdFusion and then I debated what domain to buy for it, until I remembered Howard’s company. I dusted it off and set up the skeleton. You can visit as I build it and add bells and whistles and incorporate dynamic database driven text from Hate.dat.

SoFla Investors is in ColdFusion, Javascript, JSon, XML, MSSQL 2008 and HTML via DreamWeaver CS6
Tropical Times is in Dot net, MSSQL 2005 is in FrontPage (about to be converted to something else.
This site is PHP- wordpress, MySQL is WordPress and PHP on steroids, MySQL.

I am really liking SoFla Investors and ColdFusion, though. As I flesh out the company and write the content and add the undercode to it, the process adds to the book.

I actually spent money on advertising, too.

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