moon I have been fleshing out Darius more and more and searching for the things that drive him. What I know:

~ He has no permanent residence, sleeps wherever but not very much
~ He speaks French, Spanish, English and Creole
~ He is well educated
~ Dresses in the same type of outfit always. Minimalist.
~ Prefered weapon? Knives. Does not usually carry a gun.
~ No permanent cell phone. No permanent car.
~ Pilot – a really good one.
~ Seeks power but not through the trappings of power.
~ No known family
~ Women come and go. Prefers they be useful.
~ Quite possibly the most dangerous of the living characters in the series but extremely stable compared to Angel and Oscar … probably because they are married and have been driven nuts living dual lives. Darius has no respect for them. They live in lies. He lives exactly what he is and no prevarications or apologies.
~ He would be the most sad character because he is a loner, has lost the one woman he’s ever let stay in his life for any length of time. For some indefinable reason, he is not an object of pity … probably because there was always the possiblility that he would have killed Gigi himself had he been able to at the time. In his defense, she was trying to kill him. Love is complicated. And yet, he is always outside looking in. In this book, he gets inside. The real question then is, what will he do once he’s invited in?

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