11k down. 80k to go.

I wrote the initial skeleton of the first three chapters. One thing I desperately need to get better at is keeping an accurate character bible. Or maybe I shouldn’t because not knowing if I had given Howard’s mother a name ( I didn’t and I remember why, now ) forced me to go back to Envy.exe and re-read the last quarter of the book and in the re-visit I found and fixed several typos, uploaded it and while reading the Kindlegen doc’s I found that I can make this much prettier if I use Adobe’s InDesign, which I happen to have.

I am going to get better at this if it kills me.

In the mean time I decided to make Revenge-Gifts.com using real online Store tools and I got the tools working and two gifts saved. Now I have to figure out how to stop the final payment from working. ;-) Because people are freaks and some of them will actually try to buy the revenge bubble wrap or fruit cake or chocolate-a-day.

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