I wish I had written faster

There are people I miss, people who moved me to write … gone, now.

In no particular order

Ann Peach April 2006

Kate Duffy, October 2009

Judi McCoy, February 2012

Revenge Gifts was published in August 2005, the month Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and the year my husband was told his health issues had taken a dire turn for the worse. I did not write fiction again until now. These women were friends and mentors and they were among the few people who would tell me the unvarnished truth about my writing. As I finished the last page of Envy.exe, I thought of them all and wished they were here, because they said I could do it. They said I SHOULD do it. I wish they were here so I can show them: See? I did it. And this next book? Is for you.

Till we meet again my friends. You are still on my favorites list on my cell phone. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. And when I am writing, I can still hear you in my head giving me advice.

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