Working on book three

Quote from Hate.dat coming in Fall of 2013

“Live and let live is a fine and dandy philosophy to live by unless you are dead, in which case … well … you are dead and probably not feeling quite so magnanimous.”

Book three circles the drain around Darius and some scenes from Haiti are required. I have no personally been to Haiti though I have beenmany other places in the Caribbean. My husband has been there many times, however so in addition to the classical research methods I usually employ I am picking Dave’s brains. Unfortunately, he would rather not remember Haiti because he’s usually there in the dead of night doing super secret squirrel stuff. What he will say, though, is that you can smell Haiti in the airplane for miles out. There is a line that separates Haiti from the Dominican Republic. Everything is dead on the Haitian side and everything is green on the Dominican Republic side.

Me: If I wanted to fly from Haiti to Miami, how would I do it?

Husband: You wouldn’t.

Me: But say that I did.

Husband: It’s illegal to fly privately from Haiti directly into Miami. You would have to stop somewhere like the Bahamas.

Eventually we decided that commercial was the best case scenario.


  1. Vicki Jan 21

    I cannot wait! Get writing!!!!!!

  2. FerfeLaBat Jan 21

    Dude you haven’t even read the second one yet. ;-)

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