Envy.exe is up on Kindle


It’s … umm … yeah.

When I wrote Revenge Gifts I gave it zero second thought. I wrote it. I edited it. I sent it off. I never second guessed if I even COULD write a novel, much less pondered if I SHOULD write a novel. I wanted to write it, so I did. Revenge Gifts is what it is. I didn’t know those characters until they showed up on the page and they did whateverthehell they wanted to until I got to the end.

After seven years of not writing anything but the occassional blog post and technical document for work, the desire to write fiction again was just overwhelming. I picked up the characters … this time much more carefully.

I threw out the original outline for Envy.exe, deleted the tentative chapters written just after Revenge Gifts published, sloughed off the dead skin of the previous publishing experience and started over.

Things I did deliberately:

Not everyone has a name. Some characters have only a first name.

I avoid San Juan as much as possible as a location.

You may not like that there are more sex references in this one, but this story revolves around Sam and Sam’s life is x-rated. The goal was not to numb the reader to it, the goal is to show what normal feels like for Sam.

For the record:

I was out on my back patio last night editing until well after dark, no lights but the laptop screen because I didn’t want to get up and turn any on or light the tiki torches or candles. I spelled my own name wrong when I set up the post to Amazon. Nerves. What can you do?

I am happier when I am writing and I don’t think there will ever be aother seven year break like the last one. Hate.dat is already ghosted out in a WIP file, open and the structure is being built out as we speak. Regardless of how Envy is received, come what may on this first effort, it is time to give Darius a say in the madness.

Moving on …

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