So why title it Envy.exe?

I like to take a seemingly simple emotion and twist it into all its various permutations.

With Revenge Gifts (Original title was supposed to be but TOR-FORGE changed it)I started with the end result of envy, jealousy, and hate and now I am working my way back. A website is the full chorus of programs and mark up languages. An executable or EXE is a compiled program that might be running on a server that hosts the website. The geek in me just likes the order of dismantling and examining a break down. The reader doesn’t generally think about what is running in the background, but like all actions and art and finished products there are components that fall into place on multiple levels that create that end result.

I am taking Tara apart in Merlin-esque time.

She began the series as a woman who seems to have it all together and her life is as complete as she wants it to be, but as the series moves along she becomes less pulled together and the reader can see the cogs and leavers that make up the character. They can see the executable running behind the website. I’ve tried my level best not to overdo the expansion of the paranormal elements, but there are ghosts who are almost more critical to the plot than the main characters so … there are a lot more ghostly scenes than before.

I apologize in advance for also making a bit more X-rated, but with Sam as the primary focus for this one it would have been impossible to scale that back and do his character justice.

Another week or two to go.


  1. tate66 Dec 6!!! I love that there is more paranormal and more x-rated Sam(although your x-rated and mine differ).

  2. Steamy Dec 6

    Cannot wait!

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