Loose Thoughts ~ Amazon Review Madness

There is a conversation going on on a review of RG about the main character drinking way the hell too much alcohol.

She’s a bartender in the Florida Keys. She drinks.

I thought … and I mean this, I’m not even kidding … I seriously thought about making her a non-drinker for effect when I first started writing the book, but I figured no one would believe it and I would have to explain it and
my head just emptied right the hell out of ideas on that thought.

But I checked.

And sure enough she DOES drink rather lot. There is a reference to alcohol in eight of twenty-six chapters and in thirteen days she has at least one glass of something every other day or so and one episode of an ever so slight over doing it bender. The next book opens in a bar so I don’t think she can be rehabilitated until … book four … or maybe never.

People kill me.

If you are against alcohol and the description on the back of the book says the main character is a bartender then it probably ain’t your genre. Just say’n.

I will, however, put a warning label on the next book alerting non-drinkers that there is explicit use of spirits inside these pages.

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