New Leaf

You may or may not have questions. I shall answer them anyway.

The Web Sites:
www…. whatever-I’ve lost track. Anyway. I built them in different tools because I felt like it and now they are kind of a mess. It happens. My websites are mostly for my own personal entertainment and experimentation and in no way reflect the work I do when someone is actually paying me to program. Having said that, I am going to do a little house cleaning shortly and get them up to specs. For now? I apologize for their condition and pardon my pixel-dust-bunnies.

Why the long delay between books. I really wonder that myself sometimes. I absolutely love writing fiction. It’s great therapy when all hell is breaking loose. I guess sometimes hell isn’t just breaking loose, it’s shifting cargo all overthe airplane threatening to take down everything and everything just stops until it’s back in the cargo straps and everyone’s ok.

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