At last

I have the rights back to Revenge Gifts. Celebrating with a glass of wine and pondering the future.


  1. ann Feb 10

    I feel like calling you a dirty word for not sending me a personal email on this. :-P

  2. StoneMaven Feb 13

    YAY!!!! Now when do I get my next installment?!?

  3. Maureen Mar 4

    Given that this is one of my ALL TIME faves, of which I own at LEAST two copies, not to mention arm-twisting a bunch of other folks into buying it…this is good news indeed!!!

    Go celebrate, and then come up with some astoundingly clever plan-to-rule-the-world in which RG (and its sequel) blaze their way to the top of the NYT list. Or Amazon. Or…how about selling it to a major movie studio where it rakes in ka-billions of dollars?

    Hey, if YOU don’t dream big, who will?



  4. FerfeLaBat Mar 7

    Meeting more and more people who’ve published on Amazon. I just … Finally … Got cleared to give my husband a kidney so I kind of got distracted by that. We are waiting for a surgery date. I’m thinking the time off will be perfect to finish everything up. If not properly medicated I may kill everyone off however. Just say’n

  5. Laurence Brown Jun 30

    Ohh! good luck with your husbands surgery.. So did you get a date or not?

  6. FerfeLaBat Jul 3

    It was April 27th and we are both back up and running within acceptible parameters ;-)

  7. FerfeLaBat Oct 2

    It’s up on Amazon Kindle

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