A Character Development Epiphany

Not that anyone will understand this, but last night I had an epiphany regarding Howard.


  1. Aleta Oct 2

    I’m so happy to hear anything about Howard. Does this mean there will be a book soon?

  2. FerfeLaBat Oct 3

    Hopefully, yes.

  3. FerfeLaBat Oct 3

    And once I get this next one published without the previous weirdness weighing down the process (cross fingers) I’ll be free to really write like a bat out of hell.

  4. ann Oct 4

    The one thing that bugged me about howard in rg1 was one of the times he went away while she was clearly in a perilous situation. It’s not like he walked out of the room while a madman was holding her at gunpoint, but he did an overnighter somewhere when he shouldn’t have.

  5. FerfeLaBat Oct 5

    Howard was still in denial about the escape from the cult of Disney and his wife’s suicide. He’s not altogether right in the head. He’s not really connecting solidly with the things he desires. He doesn’t hide this because he’s not aware of it. Sam otoh knows he is a mess and hides it better.

    That Disney obsession … It’s very real you know.

  6. ann Oct 5

    Heh…alright, bring it on, damn it.

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