Revamping the web sites for launch of book four

Jealousy.jpg is in progress and Terri Smith is not dead yet, but soon will be ;-) Anyone who wants to be a ghost in this book or the next or spectacularly murdered needs to speak up now.

This time I am getting serious about the marketing and distribution and I have two great editor recommendations to edit the previous books and this next one and all of them will be POD and on all platforms once edited.

I am submitting other manuscripts for different work to standard publishers and embracing the hybrid life. It used to be impossible to do because a standard publishing contract essentially locked up all of a writer’s work for first refusal and a publisher can take a long time to refuse. Nowadays we can submit one book and that’s it.

I am pulling together artwork and contest ideas. Feel free to recommend.

Shooting for October for Jealousy.jpg

outdoorofficeMy goal, now, is Early October for publishing the fourth book in the Revenge Gifts series. I took some time to take a few classes on hacking and malware to research plot line and I needed to get some examples of modern ghost hunters and exorcists for another plot line in the book. Research complete, writing full tilt. I’ve got my screened in outdoor writing area spiffed up and my editor cat cracking the whip. Should go quickly from here on out.

Jealousy.jpg – Crusty’s Transformation

I am going to confess right now that I have been digging into the local restaurant scandals for generic material to apply to the transformation of Crusty’s. Howard has upgraded Crusty’s into a “family Friendly” upscale waterside dining … and he has installed cameras.

I hate cameras.

Because I hate them, and the freaks who turn business cameras into their own personal power fetish, I am writing some of the most realistically evil threads wrapped around the throat of this creepy manager cult and Terrises (new character), before she dies in a spectacularly tragic way, she hacks the servers and monitors the monitors with her own hidden cameras. I show no mercy, and neither does Terrises. It’s that blurred line between villain and heroine I try to skate and I am not sure where she’s going to end up before she dies, but I am having a hell of a lot of fun plotting it out and writing it down.

If you are a Keys restaurant manager who uses your cameras in socially unacceptable ways, I’ve done my best to anonymize the details so no one knows it’s you.

If you, as a patron, eat in a restaurant in the Keys and you see the cameras? Yeah. You might be deep into one of my research zones. Eat with your mouth closed. Someone can see and hear everything and you have no idea and no “say in” where that video ends up. ;-)

Bon Appetite.