All eBooks Titles are offline for reformatting and Editing

I’ve take all of my books offline for a reformat and editing.

Finally figured out the Amazon pricing thing

In anticipation of the release of Jealousy.Jpg in November, I finally figured out how to make the price on the first three books ninety-nine cents. I was watching a video with the author of The Martian, Andy Weir, and around 23 minutes in he explains the settings. So. I set all three to ninety-nine cents. They don’t allow lower.

November. Come hell or high water ;-)

Quick Update

Yes. I am writing.

Contrary to what many might think, though, I actually read reviews and comments. Good or bad, I factor them all in and vow to do better with each novel.

So. There’s that.

I am currently having some issues with actual ghost(s) in my house that have been here for years but all of a sudden are ridiculously active again, so my normal writing hours of 4 am to 7 am are skin crawlingly uncomfortable sometimes.

You probably think that’s weird or that I am crazy but I got over worrying what other people think of me long long ago and I no longer bother trying to cover up the weirdness. My sisters and I now talk of the hauntings and ghosts from our past over lunch and the phone and acknowledge that we see what we see and hear what we hear and experience similar things more often than we would like. It runs in the family … the women in the family.

I asked a TOR author who writes ghost stories if she believed in ghosts and she said an emphatic NO immediately. I was fairly certain, right then, that I had no interest in reading anything she writes, that being the case. Had she simply said she rules nothing out, I would have given her the benefit of the doubt. But saying you absolutely don’t even consider it a possibility and yet you write about it is rather like an atheist preaching in church. There’s nothing wrong with poetic license and fictionalizing to the max these crazy things. Murder mystery writers aren’t actually murderers. well. Most aren’t. Some aren’t. I think.

I would like to think that if you came over, you’d never know the place is kind of haunted. My friend Bre says I need to get the place blessed. She’s probably right. Whatever gets the writing back up to par and speed, yes?

Anyway, between that, researching, reworking the plot several times because I’m not happy with it, and the ghosts in my house, it’s taking a little longer than I hoped. Thanks for your patience. Few more weeks. Hopefully it will be worth the wait and hopefully real ghost hunters won’t sue the crap out of me when it’s published. Possibility is real, I assure you. Cross your fingers and toes. :-)